the Endurance Runner

A discussion of the science & art of endurance running and training

Dr Peter J Vilasi PT


Dr Peter J Vilasi MPT DPT, has been a competitive runner for 40 years, starting in 1976, at the age of 11, in cross-country and track and field.  He has raced at the state and national level in the 110-meter high hurdles, 400-meter hurdles in high school and college before converting fully to distance running in 1987.  He has over 25 years of experience training and racing duathlons and road, cross country and trail race distances from the 5k to the marathon as well as ultra-marathon distances.  He has logged over 36,000 miles since he began formally documenting his workouts in 1990.

Dr Pete has been a professional coach for over 10 years having progressed several youth athletes to the state championships and numerous adult athletes to ever progressing personal bests at the local, regional and national level.    He is a USATF level 2 certified specializing in endurance training and is currently studying for level 3 certification qualifying him to train elite and Olympic level athletes.  Pete holds a bachelor’s degree in athletic training & sports medicine from Ithaca College, a master’s degree in physical therapy from Slippery Rock University and a doctoral degree in physical therapy from Slippery Rock University.  Coach Pete specializes in physical therapy for a wide spectrum of needs ranging from athletic injury to geriatric rehabilitation  Additionally, Coach Vilasi owns and operates ExcelRunner, a professional coaching service for runners that focuses on the development of age group, post collegiate and national class runners .  He currently coaches several athletes face to face and online across the United States.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a USATF Level 2 Endurance Runner Coach, Dr Pete offers a unique perspective and level of knowledge that is unique for the athlete.  With years of coaching experience with youth and adult athletes in combination with a strong educational background in biomechanics, exercise physiology, and injury prevention and rehabilitation, Dr Pete brings a holistic focus to an athlete’s development.

This site serves as a portal to the endurance runner’s optimal development.


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