Welcome to the re-boot of TheEnduranceRunner blog

A busy life can sometimes put things on hold, sometimes temporarily … sometimes permanently … but in this case, there is just too much fun stuff in the running world to let this one go, so  …

As part of the rekindling of this site, a new feature will be presented: Workout of the Day

In general, this feature will present various running workout types including a description of the rationale for its use and purpose.  Practical application / workout examples will be offered when applicable and available.

So, here we go:




Today’s theme: Speed Endurance

Speed Endurance definition: the ability  to maintain a high level of speed for an extended period of time

Energy System: Anaerobic alactic (< 80 meters) and Anaerobic glycolytic (80 to 150 meters) depending on the duration of time / distance at maximal to submaximal sprint speed.

Purpose of this workout type:  To develop the ability to extend maximal speed over an extended distance; develop proper sprinting mechanics; promote speed development over progressive distances

Why this workout type is important to the distance runner: to optimize one’s ability to exert maximal power over the greatest distance  possible within the energy systems employed.  In other words, the distance runner will be able to attain and preserve a fast and powerful running speed at the beginning of a race, during fast pace changes within a race and during the final surge to the finish line.

Workout example (s):

  1.  6x 60m with 2 minute rest interval (360 total meters)
  2. 3x (3x 60m) with 90 second rest interval between reps,  4 minutes between sets (540 total meters)
  3. 4x (2x 80m)  with 2 minute rest interval between reps, 6 minutes between sets (640 total meters)

The runner should focus on quick acceleration for the first 40 meters of each repetition while attempting to preserve speed, and proper mechanics (while fighting inevitable deceleration) during the remainder of each repetition distance.